The ultimate goal of ecumenists is to mix-up the faithful

The ultimate goal of ecumenists is to mix-up the faithful

The devotees of the pan-heresy of ecumenism have literally gone wild in our day. Until yesterday, they pretended to be pious and traditional. Today, however, they have thrown off their sheepskin disguise and let their real intentions be seen clearly.

We cannot even keep up with counting their demonic innovations! They hardly give themselves a rest, thinking up some new way to confuse the consciences of the faithful even more.

Most of our woefully uninstructed people are, unfortunately, unable to distinguish factual truth from the pseudo-truths of the ecumenists, and thus they very easily fall victim to the traps set by the antichrists.

To be sure, the ecumenists also talk about love, but not in the language of the Disciple of Love, John, who forbade even saying “good morning” to heretics (2 Jn 1:10).

The ecumenists also talk about peaceful co-existence with heretics and non-Christians. However, they insultingly despise our holy Fathers, who applied the condemnations of defrocking and excommunication even for simply entering a synagogue or a mosque. The ecumenists also talk about synodal decisions. They express more, however, the decisions of the so-called WCC [World Council of “Churches”], than the decrees of our Ecumenical Councils and the Tradition of our Holy Fathers.

Our beloved Saint Paisios used to say: “When all sorts of unrelated people – sorcerers, fire-worshipers, cultic religious types of all persuasions – enter into the mix and attempt to work together, how can there be a common purpose or a common ground for peace? God forgive me, but such things are the devil’s rags. Can peace be achieved through sinful association? How can there be peace when people are not reconciled with God? Only when man is reconciled with God can inward and outward peace come.”1

Ecumenists also talk about “churches”, but not the Church as defined by the Creed and the teachings of our Holy Fathers. They recognize the heretics as “churches” and, with their signatures, mock the uniqueness of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, which is our Church, the Orthodox Church.

Ecumenists also talk about majestic con-celebrations and fervent prayers. Their minds, however, are on con-celebrations with heretics, and their daily practice of praying together with the deceived – and even with people of other religions.

Their ultimate goal is to mix-up the faithful: They assure us that “all religions are ways to salvation”; they light candles in synagogues; and they describe the Koran as a “sacred book”. They mix-up the dogmas, alter the fundamental values of the Orthodox, and in the end change our Faith!

And we, baptized Orthodox Christians, in the face of this unprecedented apostasy, what do we do? – Or, to say it better, What should we do, what is our duty and our obligation as members of our Church?

Father Athanasios Mytilineos of blessed memory used to say in such a case: Woe to him who does not react. However, what is observed today in our parishes and in our monasteries is generally the complete opposite: The majority of the confessors and abbots advise their spiritual children that all we need to do is pray. They say, Go into your inner room and pray (Mt. 6:6). You do not need to talk.

Yes, “pray”, our venerable elders, however prayer does not go by itself. It goes with “be watchful” (1 Cor. 16:13, 1 Pet 5:8, Rev. 3:2). Watch and pray (Mt. 26:41, Mk. 14:38, Lk. 21:36).

Is it a coincidence that one of the last admonitions of Saint Porphyrios to his spiritual children related to the danger of losing their souls by the demonic heresies? (Testimony of his disciple, Mrs. Sideris.) Or perhaps the exhortation of Saint Theodore the Studite to resist the deceptions of the heretics is just a coincidence, and is he, in teaching us that “the instruction of the Lord is not to keep silent in times of endangered Faith” (Eph. 5:11), old-fashioned and obsolete?

The unsurpassed worker of the anti-heretical struggle, Fr. Charalambos Vasilopoulos, thundered:

If we want to be with Christ, we must expose the antichristian ecumenism! For every action, every move, and every work which is not in line with the Orthodox Faith, it is necessary to raise our voice of protest and denounce it!

Also, in a letter addressed to then ecumenical Patriarch Athenagoras, Blessed Fr. Epiphanios Theodoropoulos wrote:

When did our Church include in her numbers together with the Orthodox Bishops the bishops of the heretics? Do you speak the language of dogmatic and canonical accuracy or that of the flexible diplomatic hypocrisy? Are you a bishop or a diplomat?

And to close this short address about our ecclesiological and spiritual obligation to vigorously resist the calamity of the pan-heresy of ecumenism, we will appeal to the unrepeatable guide whom we follow, St. Kosmas the Aetolian:

All [other] faiths are false, counterfit; they all are of the Devil. Only the faith of Orthodox Christians is good and holy.

Translated from Greek by Fr. E.H. and A.H.
  1. We have used the original quote by Saint Paisions, slightly expanded. Source: Saint Paisios of Mount Athos: Spiritual Counsels, Vol. II, “Spiritual Awakening”. Holy Monastery of Saint John the Evangelist and Theologian, Thessaloniki, 2016. (All 5 volumes are available from Alexander Press in Montreal)

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  1. The followers of Satan have worked hard to change the direction of many, many organizations. Think of the Boy Scouts, the March of Dimes and many more organizations that we grew up with and trusted. The Ecumenical movement was one of Satan’s targets for change. …and it changed.

  2. This article was shared by Patristic Nectar Publications and what I can say this is shared light. Spiritual darkness is gradually engulfing the religious world and this is the high time to enlighten all the Orthodox Christians. Thank you for sharing this article.


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