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Saint Paisios the Athonite

Saint Paisios

“Saint Paisios (+1994) was born to pious parents in the town of Farasa, Cappadocia of Asia Minor. The family’s spiritual father, the priest-monk Arsenios (the now canonized St. Arsenios of Cappadocia), baptized the babe with his own name, prophesying his future profession as a monk.” ... As a monk, “Elder Paisios’ fame as a God-bearing elder grew, drawing to him the sick and suffering people of God. He received them all day long, dedicating the night to God in prayer, vigil and spiritual struggle. His regime of prayer and ascetiscm left him with which he served God and his fellow man, his strictness with himself, the austerity of his regime, and his sensitive nature made him increasingly prone to sickness. ... Elder Paisios, perhaps more than any other contemporary elder, has captured the minds and hearts of Greek people.” [Source, quoted from the book, Precious Vessels of the Holy Spirit: The Lives and Counsels of Contemporary Elders of Greece.

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