Ode of Peace

A melody especially for kids

An original song composed, recorded and sung by Fr. Emmanuel Hatzidakis. Photographs also by Fr. Emmanuel.

The Outpost

Fr. Michael and his children

The Outpost is a powerful video that is capable of changing your life, inspiring you to be a better Christian. It may influence you so much that it will shake you up and make you examine your life, where you are and what you have accomplished. A Russian production with English subtitles. Watch the video

Saint Luke the Physician [1:13]

A Saint of our days

Doctor of Medicine, Professor, and State Prize winner, since 1944 he was the Archbishop of Tambov and Michurinsk, and later of Simferopol and the Crimea. While he was serving the church as an Archbishop, he was also practicing as a surgeon and taught and published many books and articles on regional anesthesia and surgery. He is now known to be a world-famous pioneering surgeon. In November of 1995 he was announced as a Saint by the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, and was officially glorified by the Patriarchate of Russia May 25, 1996. He is commemorated by the church June 11 n.s. / May 29 o.s. the anniversary of his falling asleep in the Lord. Watch the video

Video Catechism

Learn what we Orthodox Christians believe

  • Lesson 1: Beyond Belief...Come and See
  • Lesson 2: What we believe about the Bible
  • Lesson 3: What we believe about God
  • Lesson 4: What we believe about the Father Almighty
  • Lesson 5: What we believe about the invisible creation and the fall
  • Lesson 6: What we believe about Christ
  • Lesson 7: What we believe about the Incarnation
  • Lesson 8: What we believe about Redemption
  • Lesson 9: What we believe about the Resurrection
  • Lesson 10: What we believe about the Person of the Holy Spirit
  • Lesson 11: What we believe about the Church
  • Lesson 12: The final words of the Creed

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