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Athonite Priestmonk Chrysostomos explains how God “innovates the mode” of bread and wine to acquire Divine properties while retaining their natural properties.

A “mercy” or an “offering” of peace? – PART II

This follow-up to our post, “A ‘mercy’ or an ‘offering’ of peace?” presents new insights and clarifications to the “orthographic confusion” of the response.

A “mercy” or an “offering” of peace? – Part I

If “A mercy of peace” sounds nonsensical to you, you’re not alone. Examine with us this response in Greek to see how we arrive at “An offering of peace”.

The practice of reading “inaudibly” does not make sense

The faithful need to follow the course of the Divine Liturgy to participate. We present a case for making the “inaudible” prayers audible.

“UNITY OF ALL”: Who are we praying for?

By petitioning the Lord, “…and for the unity of all…”, we mean Orthodox Christians. We explain the petition in this excerpt from “The Heavenly Banquet”.

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