Patriarch of Constantinople calls for a
“Permanent pan-religion Synod”

Patriarch of Constantinople calls for a
“Permanent pan-religion Synod”

We post this translation hoping and praying that Patriarch Bartholomew will come to his senses and begin evangelizing for the Orthodox Church, the true Church.

by Mr. Dimitrios Lambropoulos, theologian.
Originally posted (in Greek) on on Nov 24, 2023

Patriarch Bartholomew was in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (November 3-6, 2023) where he delivered two talks, the first at the 16th “World Politics Conference” with the general theme “The international system between globalization and disintegration: Which forces will prevail?” His talk was entitled, “Religion: Hope in a changing world”. His second talk entitled, “The compass of conscience: Guiding ethical action in a warming world” was given at the “COP28” conference on the so-called climate change, which had as its general theme, “Stream of Consciousness: Uniting Faith Leaders for Planetary Revival”. How many times has the Patriarch traveled to a rich Arab country to preach Christ?

Religion: The network of politics

The Patriarch stated at the outset that in the context of the present conference, that he would not be talking about faith as salvation. He stated,

“The question asked [Which forces will prevail?”] has a broader scope, that of the global future. It concerns the political and geopolitical influence of religion.”

That is, religion can be a mechanism to parallel other institutions, and offer hope:

“If the economy and politics can no longer inspire hope, can we turn to religion?”

He not only equates religion with the secular sphere, but also equates all religions:

“In their teachings and rituals and in the organization of social ties, religions mobilize the wisdom that man has accumulated for millennia.”

He also says,

“Our [diverse] faith traditions share fundamental teachings concerning the spiritual responsibility to care for God’s creation. Our sacred texts command us to protect our common home.”

So according to him, all religions have wisdom, love for God’s creation (even though some believe in “deities” who oppose the Creation) and sacred texts. “Wisdom”, the Patriarch is saying, is human, not divine, as the Apostle says (1 Cor 2:1-16). “Rituals” (read magic) are approved by him as the path of [acquiring] this “wisdom”!

All of these words were spoken for only one purpose: To promote the religions as the healers of the political systems:

“Religions have, in their traditions, the necessary elements to fill the void that has settled in souls. [Religions] can help breathe new life into democratic societies”(!)

as the following:

“Religious and indigenous communities offer ancient wisdom for sustainable living today; their voices can help transform society.”

So then, according to the Patriarch, is saving a democratic society also a goal of theocratic Islam??

The Patriarch also says that religions have an advantage over secular institutions as mechanisms:

“Religious institutions have the ability to reach, through their teachings, more people than international organizations, think tanks or NGOs.”

That is, it is easy for them to go after people because of what they proclaim, even if they it means terrorizing souls or peddling false metaphysical expectations.

The Phanar: The perfect hook

It is easy for one to see that the patriarchal line of reasoning gradually leads the minds of his listeners to his purpose, to demonstrate the Patriarchate of Constantinople’s position and role in this mechanism. The reasoning is plain to see:

“Most religious networks cross continents and borders. Therefore, they form a spiritual structure that can help moderate the forces of separation and division... The Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople, with its global presence, is an model example of this. Its presence and acceptance could prove particularly beneficial.”

So we see that the universal Orthodox Church is nowhere to be seen, having been replaced by, and only by, the Patriarchate of Constantinople! The Phanar views itself as a multinational company called “Patriarchate Corp.” and not as the Church of the true Faith. As for the other autocephalous Orthodox Churches, they are written off. The reason he wants jurisdiction over the entire Diaspora is not for the canonical reasons he has maintained, but in order to have power which he can use as a negotiating card for his political objectives.

The Patriarchate inserts itself into “world politics” and touts itself as the unifying force of the world, holding in one hand the world roadmap which penetrates the other religions, and in the other hand the “parchments” to support him, which other religious groups involved in inter-religious dialogue initiatives do not possess:

“The long history of coexistence, dialogue and exchanges, not only with Judaism, but also with Islam, is a real advantage the Christian world has.”

and also:

“We remain active participants in the inter-religious dialogue, for the protection of the environment.”

“The new normal” according to Patriarch Bartholomew

It is evident that his dialoguing is conducted for no other reason but to serve the priorities of the political “agenda”: now the environment, now health measures, now the ideology about the “West”, etc. It is not by chance that he refers to: “relations between the West and the rest of the world”. He says, “The Russian invasion of Ukraine and now the terrible war between Hamas and Israel have revealed a growing spiritual divide between these two blocs”. So Russia and Hamas belong to the same side... of “terrorism”?

However, “the big plan” suddenly comes into view with the following revelations in the two talks:

“Leaders of the different religions must coordinate their efforts in order to magnify the beneficial results of their ancestral traditions. This is why interfaith dialogue is necessary.”


“Cooperation is the new normal! Like never before, disparate groups are forming alliances to protect civilization and planetary health. ... In order to sustain cooperation between different religions and partners in science and society, we must create a lasting mechanism... that will turn strong intentions into actualized results. Together we are greater from the sum of our parts.”!

Who will be “responsible” for this cooperation? The Phanar itself? “What kind of fellowship can light have with darkness?” (2 Cor 6:14) Could it be that, if international laws had not been established and if there were no political and military powers, that some [violent] religions would also be “peace-loving”?

The focus of his talks was “cooperation” among religions and the creation of a “permanent mechanism” in order to achieve this cooperation. How will this mechanism be implemented?

First, after we learn to respect or just tolerate people’s freedom to believe even in idols, we will be led to the next step, that of embracing other religions. How else will “cooperation” be possible?

Second, Orthodoxy will be abandoned as a witness to [Jesus Christ who is] the truth and the “Orthodox Church” will be promoted as a procurer of utilitarianism, since the criterion for its contribution will be “global benefit” as defined by the politicians...

Third, who will be the “coordinator” of this mechanism? Is anyone so naïve as to believe that a “permanent synod of religions” will be a neutral and independent body, while “the watchmen have the knowledge” of how all the international organizations function (UN, WHO, NATO, etc.)?

Is bowing to political agendas and promoting them part of the episcopal mission of the Patriarch of Constantinople?

Until now, no one had even thought of such a mechanism, and now all of a sudden Patriarch Bartholomew has this brilliant idea? What does “together we are greater from the sum of our parts” mean? What are the “parts” of the Patriarchate? Does togetherness with other religions surpass the power of God in the Orthodox Church? Is geopolitical influence the only concern of... “a man of God”?

Spokesperson of the USA?

It is dangerous, if not ecclesiastically reprehensible, to give a theoretical foundation to something completely foreign to theology. This reveals, therefore, that an equalizing of everything is being attempted, and not just that, but also the promotion of a pan-religion is being taken to the next level. Interfaith dialogue has been a preparatory stage in order to create the necessary conditions for this “permanent mechanism” proposed by... the “Orthodox” Patriarch! Subsequently, by submitting the religions to each political expediency, direct control of them is given to those who are “responsible”, who will keep their mouth closed when the state gives an order, since the “West” is always on the “right side of history”. For them, this new world religion is also inherently good, because it will be a creation of Antichrist! Whoever does not go along with the para-religon will be labeled as... a terrorist!

When the essentially non-existent hierarchy of the Phanar do not oppose Patriarch Bartholomew’s participating in “conferences of world politics” and his promoting views which they do not approve of, it means that already, nothing is left anymore, whatever it had is gone, not even a reminder that it is a Church!

Translated by Anthony Hatzidakis, November 30, 2023. Bold text is the translator’s.

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