Islam: Compatible with the Western World?

Reflections on the 13th anniversary of 9/11

ISIS has been in the daily news for the past few months, and will continue to be for a long time to come. ISIS needs to be confronted and stopped. But that’s not the problem. The problem is with Islam and the Koran. As long as there are followers of the Koran there will be turmoil. As we commemorate 9/11, I wonder if the west has learned what it means to be Moslem. The west was fooled with “Arab Spring.” Even after its sinister turn, the west has still to learn its lesson. Al Qaeda came and was eclipsed by ISIS, whose goal is the establishment of an Islamic State. What does it take to wake up and perceive the threat Islam poses for the west, for the security and the values of our country?

Islam is simply irreconcilable with western values. So the obvious question is, why is Islam accepted by the west? Why respect a violent and backward religion that wants to establish itself by force upon the non-Moslem world? Why be silent about the most intolerant religion the world has known, whose law, sharia, makes the lives even of those living under its rule intolerable? Sharia tolerates slavery, condemns to death by stoning or beheading, punishes by amputating limbs and by flogging, forbids any public display of other religions while putting to death those who criticize Islam, allows men to beat their wives at will, and so many other horrific practices, unacceptable by the civilized world.

Do not listen to Moslems living in the west, who attempt to deny these charges as untrue. Islam allows Moslems to lie and deceive in order to promote their religion. They act hypocritically to soft sell their archaic, barbaric, cruel and ruthless religion. Islam was established through violence and is a religion of violence, surviving through violence—not through peace. Don’t be fooled. Islam is incompatible with western values and is undemocratic. Correctly the European Court of Human Rights has determined that “sharia is incompatible with the fundamental principles of democracy.” So what does it take to stand up? Are we waiting for suicide bombers to hit our streets and schools?

Jihad that started with Mohammed will not be over until the last of “infidels” has been converted to Islam. According to Islam we are infidels. Especially America. With 9/11 the war came to our soil. Since then we don’t feel safe in our own country. And 9/11 is not over. It is revived with every staged, public beheading that utilizes the modern social media to spread its dark message of fear and terror. What we are up against is a ruthless, violent religion that fanaticizes its followers. ISIS is just one of its ugly heads. When one head is cut off another one emerges, as it happened with Lernaia Hydra, the nine-headed serpent of ancient Greek mythology, finally subdued by Hercules.

Many Christians believe Islam is a monotheistic religion, not so different from our own. Islam is unlike any other religion. It is a system that embraces every aspect of human life, spiritual and worldly, private and public, educational, economic and political. The ultimate goal of Islam is the establishment of a worldwide theocracy, and they are willing to die as martyrs to establish it in the world. We Christians have our martyrs too who died for their faith. Their martyrs die by taking innocent lives with them. On this anniversary we hear of reports that Islamist militants stole 11 jetliners in Libya. If it is true, it should send chills down the spines of government officials around the globe, especially our own.

The Christian west has had its share of violence as well: from the crusades of the Middle Ages to the modern day wars in the Middle East. Although the Orthodox Christian East has not been immune of violence, it is innocent of both barbarities. The Christian East expanded with the cross, symbol of sacrificial love, whereas Islam was established with the sword and the scimitar, proudly displayed in several Moslem state flags. If you know any Moslems who are good people it’s in spite of their religion, not because of it. The head of our faith, Jesus Christ, says, “Pick up your cross and follow Me,” while the founder of Islam, Prophet Mohammed, says, “Draw your swords and kill the infidels.”

What plan of action then should we pursue? Return evil with evil? Bomb them all, until they are completely eliminated? Ban them? Deport them? I think our priority should be to protect and defend our country and our western society and its values. But while doing that we should also increase our awareness about the true aims of this religion that foments hate against anyone who does not embrace their faith and way of life. We should promote peace and tolerance towards everyone. But they need to do the same. Learn about the faith in the God of love and compassion, taught to us by His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, who died to give us His life, so that we may live with Him everlastingly.

UPDATE 9/10/14

I don't know where I've been. The day after the publication of my blog on Islam I "discovered" "Brother Rachid," who basically has the same message as mine: the problem is not ISIS (or ISIL), but Islam. "Brother Rachid," is a former Muslim from Morocco who converted to Christianity and became a Christian Evangelist dedicated to converting Muslims to Christianity. For safety reasons he does not use his real name. Check the four websites below, but listen especially to his message to President Obama.

Who is "Brother Rachid"?

His message to President Obama (Sept. 4, 2014). Also read article by David Huntwork (Sept. 5, 2014) that appears at the end of the video.

Some additional info. about Brother Rachid

An interesting video in Arabic with English subtitles


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