An outline of the future world state,
its makings and its makers

An outline of the future world state,
its makings and its makers

Article translated by Anthony Hatzidakis from the original Greek, Dec. 29, 2023: Παγκόσμιες ημέρες και παγκόσμια νύχτα (World Days and World Night). The images and photos included here are from the author’s article.

Over the last thirty years, strange holidays began intruding into our daily lives. Year after year, the new calendars that were printed began to include customarily incongruous and unrelated holidays, instead of the established holidays of an Orthodox Christian country like Greece, which the students had to honor in schools, and also the rest of the citizens through different actions.

They all had one main feature: the word “Global” or “International”. Who and with what authority decided that we should also introduce into our Greek-Christian everyday life pagan and dangerous-for-Hellenism holidays, such as the celebration of the summer solstice, the world day of yoga, or the day for people of African descent?

The world state and its organs

It is now urgent that the Greeks learn to recognize who is responsible for all this. Who imposes these changes and why? What is the Big Picture?

So here it is:

The shadowy priesthoods of power are not new, but have been operating in our world since ancient times, periodically attacking human societies with extreme violence and bloodshed.

The world state that these priesthoods are trying to establish has a Parliament, the United Nations (UN), and a Constitution, the 17 Goals of the UN for Sustainable Development, also known as the “2030 Agenda”.

The Objectives - articles and paragraphs of this Constitution are implemented through the following UN “Ministries” that issue Resolutions:

  • FAO – Food and Agriculture Organization
  • ILO – International Labor Organization
  • IMF – International Monetary Fund
  • ITU – International Telecommunication Union
  • UNESCO – United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
  • UNIDO – United Nations Industrial Development Organization
  • UPU – World Postal Union
  • WBG – World Bank Group
  • WHO – World Health Organization, etc.

as well as through the “Deputy Ministries” which also issue “instructions”:

  • UNCTAD – United Nations Conference on Trade and Development
  • UNICEF – United Nations Child Protection Fund
  • UNHCR – High Commissioner for Refugees
  • UNITAR – United Nations Institute for Education and Research
  • UNEP – United Nations Environmental Program
  • UNDP – United Nations Development Program, etc.

These Ministries and Deputy Ministries present themselves as experts and their resolutions concerning very critical issues that regulate all areas of life must be incorporated into national legislation.

However, beyond the visible organizations of the UN there are others, invisible to the general public, which are nothing more than masonic Lodges (known as the Guild), other secret brotherhoods and countless think tanks that actually propose the resolutions of the UN, and national policies according to their worldview, which is possessed by three main characteristics: authoritarianism, misanthropy and hatred of Christianity.

So basically, the world government has been around for many years and has wrapped in its net most of the states, turning them into federations of continents, it just doesn’t have a... prime minister yet.

This role is reserved for the expected Messiah of all the aforementioned “organizations”, who, for Christians, however, is the Antichrist.

The world state and secret societies

A prominent role in the religion of the world state is held by the theosophical, Non-Governmental Organization Lucis Trust, originally called the Lucifer Publishing Company in honor of Lucifer. But in order to overcome the fears of prospective converts, in 1922 it was renamed the Lucis Trust.

This NGO was founded by the theosophist Alice Bailey and was a construct of the British Secret Service with the aim of religious syncretism and espionage operations against other states.

In 1923 Alice Bailey created the Arcane School, a polygynous catechism to promote the infamous Aquarian Age, and in 1932 the narrative of World Goodwill which is, in essence, an organized social engineering enterprise, in order to convince the European peoples thenceforth that their salvation consists in a universal government of enlightened mysteries.

Alice Bailey was a student of the occultist Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, founder of the Theosophical Society, while her husband, Foster Bailey, was a 32nd degree mason.

We point out that both were agents of the then British Empire and worked for the “Pan-Europe” plan of Count Kudenhove-Kallergis in collaboration with the League of Nations, the predecessor of the UN.

The logo of the Theosophical Society. In the center of the Star of David surrounded by the uroborus serpent, is the horizontal Ankh cross, a symbol of immortality. The top of the Star is crowned by a swastika, while on it rests the symbol of the Logos in Sanskrit.

Today the Lucis Trust is still an official advisory body of the UN. But is it possible for the UN to have a theosophical, occult organization as its advisor? Of course, you did not read wrong, since the occultists are the ones who shape most of the actions of global governance.

Coincidentally, one of the headquarters of the Lucis Trust is located in Geneva, Switzerland, and is housed in the same building as the World Jewish Congress, the world Jewish association ORT , and the Defense for Children International organization that defends open borders.

The world state and its religion

The Lucis Trust religion advocates the existence of a Divine Plan. This plan is supposed to be dictated by an “inner spiritual government” of our world called the Spiritual Hierarchy, or Society of Enlightened Minds or Ascended Masters or Masters of Ancient Wisdom.

According to the divine revelations given to the Lucis Trust, the Spiritual Hierarchy consists of highly evolved… extraterrestrial beings who incarnate on our planet as great mystics and sages.

These Masters of Ancient Wisdom are twelve and each of them represents a ray of divine light. The Lords are repeatedly incarnated on Earth and come from specific planetary bodies: either from Venus, or from planets of the Sirius system, while the Ancient of Days, Sanat Kumara or otherwise God-Melchizedek descended to Earth... 17 million years ago.

The Divine Plan that you can read here in English is nothing but detailed instructions to governments and politicians on how to establish the world state and world government.

No, this is not conspiracy theory which this blog abhors. Everyone can verify it on the official blog of the organization that also publishes Alice Bailey’s books in Greek.

Apart from the Lucis Trust, all the think tanks and secret fraternities that control the UN General Assembly are possessed by a Babylonian, Egyptian, Gnostic, Kabbalistic, Masonic, Illuminati, and always anti-Christian worldview, which we Greeks also must integrate.

But why would we do such a thing? We have no reason to.

Another proof of the occult character of the UN can be found in the famous Meditation Room, at the UN headquarters in New York.

This room has the shape of a trapezoid, while in the middle of it there is a large monolith of black granite, which, placed on a special pedestal, acts as a magnet of energy fields that it transfers to the ground of the building and it symbolizes the Supreme Mason Mystic.

The room contains only ten seats, dedicated to the ten great unseen theurgists of our world, corresponding to the ten sephiroth-emanations of the Tree of Life of the Kabbalah, who, sitting, can see the extension of the room, which has the shape of the well-known unfinished illuminati pyramid.

On the wall where the top of the triangle of the Meditation Room ends is a table that has 22 triangles, exactly as many as the 22 Major Arcana of the Tarot, and the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet.

The polygons of the composition are 72, as many as the names of Deity in Kabbalah, the 72 steps of Jacob’s Ladder, the 72 Kabbalistic angels designated “for the healing of the nations”, and the 72 bricks that make up the Illuminati pyramid of the US dollar with the all-seeing eye.

The secret hierarchy of power that is behind the occult UN, and is clearly anti-Christian, nevertheless decides the destinies of most of the peoples of the world, including the Orthodox Christian Greek.

By what right? By what popular mandate? With none of course. These are unelected bodies.

From alchemy and Jacobinism to human rights

The occult agenda of the shadow hierarchy is very old. It begins with the Babylonian, Egyptian priesthoods and Hermeticism, not to mention much earlier, to continue uninterrupted until the Gnostic era, to survive until the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, finally reaching our days.

Its basic Great Work (Magnum Opus / Great Work which today the World Economic Forum rechristened “Great Reset - Great Restart”), like the Divine Plan of the theosophists, originates from alchemy and indicates the processing of raw man and the transformation of societies.

The term Magnum Opus describes personal and spiritual transformation. In our time, the alchemical “processing” of separating the perishable man from disease and death, thanks to technology, leads to posthumanism.

Conditions of the Magnum Opus are the dissolution of Christianity that emerged as an enemy in the last 2,000 years, depopulation, hermaphroditism, the imposition of a pan-religion with worship of the Great Architect of the Universe (MAtS) / Supreme Being, and its purpose is the one it always had: the dominance of the Guilds and other adjuncts over all the rest.

The squaring of the circle: alchemical symbol of the philosopher's stone, result of the Great Work.

One of the greatest attacks of the occultists on humanity was the French Revolution by the Democrats/Jacobins which resulted in the declaration of the infamous rights of man which most young Europeans have not realized are being manipulated against them, nor who they were, in reality, who made the revolution.

In 2021, History repeats itself once more:

As during the Reign of Terror in France, Robespierre’s Jacobin/Illuminati occultists turned their politics into a new religion, with the excuse that the Republic plunged France into utter horror, today, in the same way, the new order hierarchy is trying to implement the agenda which the Jacobins were unable to complete.

But the Jacobins were actually directed by the Illuminati Lodges of Vienna and the enigmatic Junius Frey, a Jewish heretic Frankist and a relative of the heretic Jacob Frank, the paranoid founder of the Frankist movement, who believed himself to be the new Jewish Messiah.

The Jacobins, who had the ultimate goal of overthrowing the French monarchy in favor of the Austrian one, tried everything in order to mass-murder those unfortunate French “who were not committed to the Revolution”, just as Lenin’s Bolsheviks did: massacres, executions by guns, beheadings by guillotines, drowning in the Loire, baking in bakers’ ovens, scraping their skins which the Jacobin generals wore proudly as trousers, spitting and crushing the bellies of pregnant women under heavy wine presses!

The argument that the inhabitants of an entire province, Vendée, were pro-monarchist, does not explain the inconceivable brutality of the Jacobins against thousands of infants, children and wives of their own soldiers when they were killed in battle, and they and their children were left unprotected.

The daily, unnecessary human sacrifice had become their habit, which can only be explained by the Illuminati, Martinist and Francoist origins of their leaders, who sought human sacrifice in order to forcibly “transform” French society, as the Davos Forum, the Guild, and various other gangs are currently seeking to transform it.

The masonic Monument to the Rights of Man in Paris features Egyptian obelisks, is replete with egalitarian and Masonic symbols and refers directly to Solomon's temple.

In those days they had all the churches closed and forbid the holy services by law. They do the same today because they have the exact same ideology.

The heirs of those murderers also enforce today’s human sacrifices through the unethical prohibition of self-employment due to a pandemic, and through inoculations with experimental vaccines of unknown consequence.

The Christians were horribly persecuted, while the ecstatic Jacobins erected signs of the Supreme Being in the streets, betraying the faith of their hierarchy in Freemasonry and Illuminatism. Today the idol statues have been replaced by the UN World Day celebrations!

Robespierre’s Jacobins ecstatically honor a vision of the Supreme Being. Engraving of 1794.

However, although the Vendée massacre claimed 800,000 victims, it was never classified as genocide, nor was an International Day of Remembrance for its victims established by the UN, because the UN could never condemn its perpetrators.

World days and constant terrorism

So an important means of implementing the Magnum Opus / Great Restart are the so-called World UN Days which are basically religious holidays, and which have multiplied exponentially in recent years.

World Days unequivocally express both the theology and the divine work of the aforementioned secret societies, which turn the politics of globalization into a new religion.

They do not simply express an atheistic or agnostic, secularized worldview, but a profoundly anti-Christian position. This is what the phrase war is spiritual means.

The list of declared world days of “honor” will continue to grow, and it is certain that if this sick state of oppression of humanity by the World Hierarchy is not reversed, it will soon include a day of remembrance for persecuted bestialists and pedophiles and whatever other corrupt perverts, in order to roll mankind in abysmal mire.

Brief outline of secret societies that are communicating vessels. Lucis Trust’s position is dominant. Their tier sections are not static. An osmotic exchange between the various parts of the lower levels subtly permeates and controls them. Based on the book “Maçonnerie et sectes secrètes: Le côté caché de l'histoire", Epiphanius, published by Courrier de Rome, 2005, p. 630. © Layout arrangement, translation and technical editing: English translation by

Because according to their beliefs, only in this way will the rebuilding of the third temple of Solomon in Jerusalem (on or next to the Al-Aqsa mosque) and the coming of the Jewish Messiah (who as a world leader will bring a thousand years of peace, making the Earth a paradise) be accelerated.

Only, for those who are Christians, this Messiah is not Jesus Christ, but the Antichrist; and the rebuilding of the third temple, if it is built where they say, will bring hell on Earth, i.e. global nuclear war before the millennial era of peace.

World Days are thus a schizophrenic obsession of gang-communicating vessels in their ideologies and an effective means of genocide.

When we look closely at when most were enacted, we find that they were decided after 2001, the alleged attack on the Twin Towers in New York and the introduction of the Western world into the new Terrorism.

Here is why:

After 2001, and especially after 2008 and the global financial crisis resulting from the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers, with worldwide consequences to the peoples, because ISIS, the heir of al-Qaeda, had now faded as an enemy, its replacement had to be invented at all costs so that societies would be kept in a state of perpetual fear. This enemy could only be a global health hazard that, with the help of social engineering, would become permanent.

This is why the young people of the West, who are also the #1 target of the priesthoods, have been brought up since 1991 and thereafter, to not be able to react to what is being done against them, but to eventually commit genocide of their own accord.

The operations of the post-Zionist and Anglo-Saxon priesthoods of power have methodically eroded the national foundations of Western states at their root: their education and their Christian faith.

Millions of children were and are being raised with the New Age narrative of theosophy, aquarianism, the global village, and above all, the entitlements of man.

However, these millions of children of the Western world until 1945 and the creation of the United Nations, were brought up with the ideals of patriotism and Christian faith. So what happened? After 1948 - which coincidentally coincides with the creation of the state of Israel by the Zionist movement - these ideals slowly but surely began to experience a methodical attack that undermined the foundations of Christian societies.

It had the following characteristics: it channeled constant hatred and ridicule towards Christianity, Jesus Christ, country, nation, family, heterosexuality, native customs and traditions, culture and history, for the benefit of occultism worldwide, and now today, posthumanist mush.

Over the years, the Jacobin religious beliefs that bloodied France during the Reign of Terror were introduced into societies, and Eastern religions infiltrated, yoga, meditation, theosophy, paganism, cabalism, the worship of Gaia, esotericism, global terrorism, open borders, and the rights of minorities over the rights of nations, using among other things, the Trojan horse of World Days.

This is how we arrived at the current phenomenon of the lack of critical ability of the younger people in the face of the violation of their political liberties by the elites, with the argument of the new enemy of humanity, the corona virus pandemic.

This alchemical transformation of Western youth also explains the lack of reaction on its part for the violations of its constitutional freedoms, which it is not in a position to recognize, and which since 1991 have been systematically crushed under a completely arbitrary interpretation of human rights which the UN imposes and as many governments as are threshed by the Guild.

Masonic symbols on the Monument to the Rights of Man, inaugurated to mark the 200th anniversary of the French Revolution, in 1989 under Masonic president François Mitterrand.

So here are some of the World Days that reinforce in the collective unconscious of the European peoples the consolidation of the federalization of the continents, which was so dreamed of by the first Prime Minister of Israel, Ben Gurion, and the wealthy Mengele of the World Bank group and other gangs.

To save space, we do not list all of them, but some, the year of their proclamation, and a brief explanation in dark red. If you want to see them all, click here.


January 24

International Education Day, 2018.

The resolution basically implies distance education, as dreamed of by the UN Sustainable Development Goal 4, which will probably also mean the abolition of school buildings.


February 4

International day of human brotherhood, 2020.

It implies a federalization of the continents in view of a world state.

February 20

World Social Justice Day, 2007.

Always applies to minorities.


March 21

International Nowruz Day, 2010.

This pagan holiday of the vernal equinox is celebrated on the steppes of Asia by Afghans, Azeris, Persians, Turkmen, Tajiks, Kyrgyz, Kazakhs, and Turks. Why isn’t a Christian holiday declared an international day instead?

March 22

World Water Day.

It is understood in relation to the narrative that it should be privatized.

March 25

International Day of Solidarity with Detained and Missing UN Staff, 1993.

No kidding! How will the children internalize that the executives and employees of the UN are the modern saints and martyrs?


April 7

Remembrance Day for the victims of the genocide in Rwanda in 1994.

Why are the genocides of the French of Vendée, and of the Armenians, Pontians and Assyrians by the Turks not worth remembering?

April 20

Chinese Language Day at the United Nations, 2017.

Chinese superior to Greek? And for this resolution alone, the UN deserves the rejection and ridicule of the Greeks.

April 23

English Language Day at the United Nations, Spanish Language Day at the United Nations

I apply the above mockery.


May 8-9

Time of remembrance and reconciliation for those who lost their lives in the Second World War, 2004.

So that some annoying people like the Greeks no longer demand war reparations from the Germans whose names are now officially withheld as those responsible for mass holocausts of the Greeks and so that the younger Europeans don’t dislike them, because today they are financially crushing the rest of Europe.

May 15

International Day of Families, 1993.

Blessing in the eyes of children and young people of the family reunifications of illegal immigrants and the benefits they receive at the expense of European taxpayers. The relevant resolution emphasizes that “it mainly concerns the advancement of women and families in developing countries”. Translation: to the invasion of Europe by the populations of countries with high birth rates at the expense of the taxpayers, not the Guild that hatched the idea of illegal immigration to Europe and usually evades taxes.

May 26, 2021

The international celebration of Vezak Day, the May Full Moon, and Buddha Day will begin at UN Headquarters and other offices, 2000.

This is the Buddhist Full Moon Day which celebrates the birth, enlightenment and death of the Buddha, who, according to the relevant UN resolution, “humanity is grateful to him for the spirituality he has offered for more than two and a half thousand years”. The celebration was certainly suggested by the Lucis Trust, which states on its website that it was dictated by the Lord of Wisdom, Tibetan teacher Djwal Khul to Alice Bailey in order to reach East and West and hasten the arrival of the… Messiah. In any case, it especially serves China well…


June 3

World Bicycle Day, 2018.

To get the younger people used to poverty and not owning a vehicle, always with the justification of protecting the environment.

June 5

International day against illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing, 2018.

Celebration to brainwash Greek children, criminalizing the fishing of our small traditional boats, kayaks and trawlers, as a criminal act that destroys the ecosystem, blessing the fish multinational fish farms (the ones full of dioxins, antibiotics, and hormones), as well as those caught by the North Atlantic factory ships that destroy the fish fauna in their path. Pandemic fishing bans are a pilot implementation of sustainable fishing.

June 7

World Food Safety Day, 2019.

Demonizing the natural foods of the Greek countryside and blaming them as unsafe, so that the younger generation considers the foods of the multinationals to be normal, and of course the artificial meats, which are expected to flood the world market.

June 16

International Family Remittance Day.

It implies the bank transfers of illegal immigrants in Europe to their relatives in their home countries, which are due to the subsidies shouldered financially by tax-paying citizens.

June 18

Sustainable Gastronomy Day.

Another operation against traditional, natural foods to pave the way for synthetic lab foods, caterpillars, cockroaches and worms.

June 19

International Day for the Elimination of Sexual Violence in Armed Conflict, 2015.

The UN has no right to talk about the elimination of sexual violence because its Bluehelmets have committed the most brutal rapes of women, men and young children wherever they went, supposedly in order to protect them from conflicts.

June 20

World Refugee Day, 2001.

The refugee narrative did not catch on as much as they would have liked. That’s why the pandemic came, to bring even the most insubordinate to their knees, to the Magnus Opus.

June 21

World Yoga Day, 2014.

Favorite practice of UN women executives, solidarity NGOs and Lodges.

International day of celebration of the summer solstice, 2019.

The relevant resolution is the culmination of the Lodges’ Ordology. In fact, it comes from the desire to enforce their holy holiday which is especially honored by our own Masonic Foundation and its Lodges nationwide and throughout Cyprus. (Pythagoras Bulletin, Pg. 292.)

Astronomical, alchemical symbols, and sacred geometry at the entrance gate of the Human Rights Monument which remains closed at all times. No one ignorant of geometry enters by me! Far away from what is allowed to be trodden!

June 30

International Parliamentarianism Day.

Methodical deception of the enlightened to make children and youth think that bourgeois democracies are real democracies.


July 18

International Nelson Mandela Day, 2009.

And soon we’ll see the celebration of the memory of... Hiram Abif, if not of him, certainly of some Chinese leader.


August 9

International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples, 1995.

A wretched deception of the youth, because only the natives of all continents except Europe are considered indigenous.

August 22

International Day of Remembrance for Victims of Violence Based on Religion or Belief, 2019.

Blessing of Afro-Asian gay illegal immigrants in the eyes of Europeans as conscientious objectors, something they are constantly invoking, coached by NGOs, to get asylum.

August 30

Day for the victims of enforced disappearances.

Comedy for the naïve. Disappearances of citizens are organized by governments that serve the Guild, which, for example, Turkey did in 1974.

August 31

International Day of People of African Descent, 2020.

The resolution was signed after the events of the US election. No comments needed…


September 15

International day of democracy, 2007.

Another deception of the youth, as is parliamentarianism.

Anyone who is ignorant of what the “Monument to the Rights of Man” symbolizes has not understood who rules the bourgeois democracies. From the small openings in its walls, it can be seen that its interior is full of various occult symbols, while entry is forbidden to the public. The interior is intended for the hierarchy’s prayer to the Supreme Being, yet the Memorial as a public building, was erected with the money of the tax-paying fools of France.


October 11

World Day of the Little Girl, 2012.

By promoting only girls and homosexuals in all societies, at the expense of men, the new praetorians of the world state are being formed from their genocides, who will never rise up in arms against the tyrants. If they ever discover they have been used, they will have no idea how to react.

October 13

International Day for Natural Disaster Risk Reduction, 2009.

Opportunity for eco-terrorism.

October 17

International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, 1993.

It implies the migration of the poor populations of the whole Earth to Europe.


December 5

World Soil Day, 2014.

Propaganda in favor of anthropogenic climate change seeking to gain consent to illegal African immigration to Europe, using as a justification the desertification of African lands. Also, with the same justification, animal husbandry and agriculture are demonized all over the planet and young people are indoctrinated to eat artificial laboratory foods.

December 10

Human Rights Day, 1950.

The greatest celebration of the dark priesthood, an opportunity to eulogize the mass genocide committed by the Jacobins against Vendée, which appears to this day as a victory of democracy against royalty. The nations of the countries that allow themselves to be led astray by the Guild will in no way be able to stand on their own two feet.


The Human Rights Monument is a miniature of Solomon’s Temple. The two columns of the facade support absolutely nothing, like the Jachin (Establishment) and Boaz (Power) columns of the Masonic Lodges. Above the entrance door, there is a circular ventilation opening surrounded by the uroborus ophi, while in front of the monument is an imitation of the so-called Bronze Sea, the great bronze cauldron of Solomon’s temple. Most tourists, as well as French people, are completely unaware of the symbolism of this building, in front of which they are photographed smiling nonchalantly.
The uroborus that flanks the opening of the Memorial, located above the entrance gate.
Representation of the first temple of Solomon, according to the biblical descriptions. To the left, you can see the Bronze Sea, a replica of which is in front of the Human Rights Monument.

December 18

Arabic Language Day at the United Nations.

The same applies to the previous linguistic discrimination against the Greeks.

December 20

World Human Solidarity Day, 2006.

One of the most devastating UN resolutions for Europe which emphasizes that all countries of the developing world should take full advantage of the protection of human rights, including the right to development through… immigration.

December 27, 2020

International Epidemiological Preparedness Day.

An unthinkable celebration of terrorizing young people that was established on Dec 7, 2020. Its resolution mentions the phrases “One world, one health” and that “epidemics will continue, therefore importance should be given to their prevention”, apparently with a permanent surveillance regime.

Global Night

But apart from the UN, thousands of NGOs linked to it and other globalist centers such as George Soros’ Open Society, are constantly establishing new global celebrations, and a single mass-sent press release for each new celebration, reproduced verbatim in every mass media outlet, thus shaping public opinion and brainwashing the youth.

And some still wonder why young people don’t react! Parents must be vigilant now so as not to lose their children forever.

Here are some more of the official holidays of the world state of the hierophants:

February 1

World Hijab Day.

Invites all the women of the world to wear the Muslim headscarf for a day. The movement features an alleged New York Muslim woman as its inspiration, while it is financed by Islamic circles. On World Hijab Day, Islamophile Euronews especially featured it.

March 20

World meat-free day, by FARM (Farm Animal Reform Movement).

International day of astrology, by AFAN (Association for Astrological Networking).

April 8

Roma Nation Day, by ERRC (European Roma Rights Center) funded by George Soros.

May 1

World Cannabis Legalization Day.

May 17

International Day Against Homophobia, by ILGA World – The International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association.

June 27

International Gay Pride Day, again from the above association.

Google openly supports Gay Pride days. We didn’t expect anything different.

August 2

European Day of Remembrance for the Genocide of the Roma, proclaimed by the European Parliament.

August 8

World Orgasm Day, allegedly initiated by an American bisexual artist.

September 23

World Bisexuality Day, allegedly on the initiative of the American activist organization BiNet.

October 1

World Vegetarian Day, by IVU (International Vegetarian Union).

November 1

World strict vegetarian day, again from IVU.

As we said, here come the cockroach burgers for the guaranteed basic income plebeians. Don’t worry though, there will be a choice of brown or black…

November 20

Transgender Day of Remembrance, in honor of transvestites, hermaphrodites and asexuals.

It is not clear who established it.

November 28

World shopping abstinence day, allegedly on the initiative of a Canadian-Estonian.

Preparing the plebeians for the basic guaranteed income, which is a dress rehearsal for the ban on self-employment during the pandemic.


To summarize, we emphasize that the attacks against the Christian societies of the West, and especially against the European ones, are due to the influence of:

  • Ancient Chaldean, Babylonian and Egyptian magic
  • Hinduism, Buddhism and Hermeticism
  • Pythagoreanism, Gnosticism, and Neoplatonism
  • The fathers of modern European pedagogy: the millenarian and Rosicrucian John Amos Comenius (17th c.) and the freemason Erasmus
  • Jewish gnosticism, i.e. Kabbalah and alchemy
  • Jewish heretical Sabbatists and Frankists (or Zoharists)
  • The English Masonic philosophers and Alchemists as early as 1646 and the signatories of the American Declaration of Independence in 1776
  • The Martinists, the Rosicrucians, and the Illuminati of Bavaria
  • Millenarianism, cultural Marxism and Freudianism where together with the heretic Judaism shaped the ideology of the Frankfurt School
  • The international Jewish Lodge, Bene Berit, represented in the European Parliament, the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, the UN in Geneva, and UNESCO
  • Theosophism and esotericism
  • The hierarchy of the Catholic Church, the Church of Greece, and of the Phanar, many of whose members were not only eminent masons, but have now proven that they act visibly in favor of pan-religion and the world state
  • The technological giants GAFAM1 , and of posthumanism that they systematically promote, above religious, political, judicial, educational and cultural principles of the West, that have managed to significantly alter societies in the last thirty years. This was because the Guild and its communicating vessels acquired advanced technological means that they did not previously possess: The internet and information technology, satellite surveillance systems to prevent insurgencies, laser beam weapons highly effective for “seminars” of politicians who mutter something about disobedience (see Mati Attica, California, et al.), human genome-modifying vaccines, implants and more.

However, the spread of information and science and the great rise of spirituality of some people, is gnawing away at the posthumanist Magnum Opus, working against it.

And this, because as the Syntechnia and its communicating vessels see us, we now see them too. We may not see the top of the pyramid, but the cracks in their edifice are now deep and their undoing certain.

In the age of astrophysics, quantum mechanics, and the electric universe, they know, and we know, that all secret society narratives, with zero exceptions, are interpreted scientifically. As human, they are constructs, and therefore perishable and revisable.

All people can now have access to scientific knowledge, not just those in the Guilds. So the narrative of the guardians of knowledge is dead.

So what remains for the Rulers of Wisdom if they are stripped of their gaudy theatrics and carnival costumes? Only the art of enslaving the rest and the open will for genocide.

However, by destroying education themselves for decades, they are deprived of worthy officials with spiritual strength, having only oligarchic and egotistical subjects who are empty shells, who not only cannot articulate a persuasive speech, write and read correctly, who are only interested in material things. That’s why they will lose the game.

The murderous actions of the hierarchy and the despicable behaviors of its subordinates are now enraging more and more people who have spiritual foundations.

The time has come to put an end to all these crimes. Spirit (3) will overcome matter (4). The cone (1-3) caps the base of the pyramid (4), the cube-matter and they know it. And submissives are now crowded only at the base. This is why they tremble.

So as long as one pole stupidly thinks it is invincible, the other will rise spiritually. The collapse of the greatest conspiracy against humanity is only a matter of time, and there will be great losses here and there.


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About the author

Ms. Chrysoula Boukouvala was born in 1962 in Freattyda, Piraeus and is a writer, columnist and researcher. She worked as a professional graphic designer and publisher of special publications in Greece and abroad for 35 years. Alongside her work, she studied history, astronomy, topology, theories of additional spatial dimensions, numerology, alternative archeology and geology, history of esotericism and secret brotherhoods, and the transhumanist movement. In 2017 she decided to combine the years of studies she had conducted in all these areas, and created the blog “Aperopia”, (

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Related quotes and videos (added by Orthodox Witness)

Fr. George Calciu on the Goal of Freemasonry, an excerpt from an interview with Blessed Fr. George Calciu

“He who dwells in the heavens will laugh at them, yes, the Lord will mock them.” (Psalm 2:4)

“Do not put your trust in rulers, in sons of men, with whom there is no salvation; his spirit will depart and he will return to his clay; on that day all his plans will perish.” (Psalm 145:3-4)

“And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness: but rather reprove them. For the things that are done by them in secret, it is a shame even to speak of. But all things that are reproved are made manifest by the light: for all that is made manifest is light. Wherefore he says: Get up, you sleeper, and arise from the dead, and Christ will enlighten you.” (Ephesians 5:11-17)

“Then let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains: and those who are in the midst thereof depart out; and those who are in the countries not enter into it, for these are the days of vengeance, that all things may be fulfilled, that are written.” (Luke 21:21-22 )

“Beware! It is not in the devil’s interest for people to accept his existence” ... An invisible enemy is more dangerous than a visible enemy” ... “Oh how big is the army of demons! How immeasurable is their dark crowd. Tirelessly, day and night, they seek to push all of us who believe in Christ in the direction of unfaithfulness, wickedness and disrespect. These innumerable enemies of God have as their only purpose, day and night, to destroy us. However, don’t be afraid. Take strength from the name of Christ.”

+ Saint Luke of Simferopol and Crimea (St. Luke the Physician 55':06"-37", an excerpt from a documentary on Saint Luke.

The same global scenarios mentioned by the author were also mentioned by Blessed Fr. Seraphim Rose: The End of the World — A Talk by Fr. Seraphim Rose

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