The Survival of the West Hangs by a Thread

by Andreas Andrianopoulos

For the purposes of my new book on Azerbaijan, I talked some time ago with a modest but loyal Muslim of the community of Abu Bekri, in Baku, who did not mince words:

"Here in Azerbaijan we provide a real oasis of moderation and calm. But things are not everywhere and forever so. You in the West,” he noted with emphasis, “think things through your own religious and cultural values ​​and perceptions. That’s why you usually don’t understand what is happening."

"But we react with humanism and by promoting tolerance," I retorted.

"This exactly is your problem. Muslims in the West are not incorporated in your lifestyle and in your own values ​​and principles. And they react in their own way, keeping unquenchable their perceptions about others as well as hate that surges within them. For instance, you use humanism with the refugees, but you attract terrorist brutality and murder — simply because you’re Westerners and not Muslims. You must understand a few fundamental Islamic principles, which no Muslim devout to the traditions can repudiate, wherever he is. For instance, the principle of ‘movement’ (chaiziria). According to the Qur’an and many ‘Hadid’ (acts and interpretations of the application of the rules) is a sacred duty for every believer the relocation in places around the globe which, in whole or in part, are not controlled by Islam. Based on the instructions of ‘Da’oua,’ which consist in a kind of Islamic requirement, all of them have to work to spread the message of Islam and the establishment of an Islamic state."

"You mean to say that the flow of immigrants or refugees happens according to a plan for the undermining from within of the Western Christian countries?"

"What I am saying is that, regardless of intent, the scriptures guide the faithful Muslim in such behavior. In one way or another, all have to join, they and the world in which they live in ‘Dar al Islam,’ that is in the world of God. As long as you insist and speak about humanism, reception of refugees in an open manner, and with aim their smooth assimilation, they will continue to work for the gradual imposition of Sharia (Islamic law) and the subjugation of Kafiri (infidels). Moreover, in times of tensions, this target may take the form of terrorist movements and armed conflicts. The whole world constitutes, potentially, an extension of the power of Islam. The jihad (struggle) for its enforcement can take any form (and is entitled to do so)."

Unfortunately, the West has its eyes shut. By responding with reason and with its liberal humanism, the West signs its own death sentence. The atrocities in Paris constitute only the start of a series of such heinous acts. We ourselves hatch the snake that prepares to kill us. I would recommend two striking books. The German Mujahedin and Submission describe precisely what is happening in Western Islamic-controlled neighborhoods.

Unfortunately, the West has its eyes shut. By responding with reason and with its liberal humanism, the West signs its own death sentence.

The problem is Islam itself, not simply the terrorists. I will note a few things to justify my opinion:

  • Have you ever seen any mobilization of “moderate” Muslims in the entire Western world against the atrocities committed by fanatics? Has not this strange silence bothered you?
  • Why did the flow of refugees from the war zones toward the West take such great proportions in recent months? The war in Syria began in 2010 - 2011. Why now? Is it perhaps connected with the statement by the leader of the Islamic Caliphate in February 2015 that “we will flood the West with migrants till we will dominate in these societies from within,” that this predominant message of Islam is carried through?
  • Are all Muslims obliged or not obliged to follow, as soon as a need arises, the message of Muhammad (through the Qur’an and the Hadid [sacred teachings]) to move (Al Hijira) so that the areas of unbelievers be occupied and flooded from within?
  • They must, however, show that they are submissive and obedient in order to be able to mobilize and implement the Sharia. Already in regions that have significantly large numbers they require changes in local customs and practices. Thus in Dusseldorf they achieved just last week the elimination in the schools of the Christian feast of St. Martin and its renaming to “Celebration of Light”; in Munich last October they asked for the repeal of Octoberfest because women drink beer publicly; in Montgomery County US three years ago, they demanded—and achieved—the abolition of the Christmas tree; while in areas of France they demand that in supermarkets Muslims be excluded from handling alcoholic beverages and pork for customer service.
  • Why are no refugees from Syria, Eritrea and Afghanistan moved to affluent Muslim countries of Arabia and the Gulf, but all of them move en masse to Europe? They have moved only to Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt, where their survival is impossible economically, so they are stored in camps in order to be moved later—towards Europe!!!

Europe continues to believe it will solve all of its problems by buying its way out of any crisis. With this logic and mentality it did nothing after the massacres in Madrid, London and previous criminal activities in Paris. Filling with Muslims, all of whom deeply believe in the future dominance of Islam, independently of the manner they are received, the question of internal subversion continues to exist.

Airstrikes will in no way provide the solution; they have not provided one yet. Only if we join the Russian logic to tackle the Caliphate with strikes from the ground can something be accomplished. The Russian logic is clear. Using the forces of Assad—who are Alevis and have no problem to locate and crush the Sunnis of ISIS, and Iranians (again Shiites), and Shiite militias from Iraq, to achieve a response to the dictates of Salafists and the extermination of the brutal murderers of the Caliphate.

Diplomatically Greece should demand from our partners and NATO the requirement of our allied countries to cut all aid and economic relationship with countries that either do not accept return of the migrants to their territories (for instance in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Somalia, Eritrea, etc.) or cessation of any (mainly economic) relationship with countries that support the extremists (Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Emirates).

Europe’s leaders still worry about whether we have well organized infrastructure to receive refugees!!! No one worries about tomorrow. What are the prospects or the objectives of these people? Democracy will not be endangered by our rage. It is squashed by the contempt of its principles and the persistence of migratory masses to impose their own values ​​and principles. Instead of being integrated into the European culture, the immigrants / refugees demand to incorporate the European culture into their own! And in those cases where Europe objects, crimes against ordinary people are committed in the name of Allah.

The primary obligation of every nation towards history and its dead is war in defense of itself—in order to defeat the enemy until complete success is achieved. The West, however, still refuses to react in this manner. And raised voices are now being heard of its responsibilities towards these developments. What responsibilities? When did Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Spain and many other countries colonize the Middle East? Don’t forget our history with the Muslims, how we waged battles in Andalucia, in Poitiers, in Taranto, in Budapest and in Vienna to ward off the conquering armies of Islam.

The survival of the West now literally hangs by a thread—and it does not seem to realize it. Giounker seems ready to pinch the cheeks of Al-Baghdadi if he would encounter him!! He seems ready to support him, if necessary, even financially...

We already live off the fumes of the achievements of our ancestors, and of those who fought and died for the cause of freedom and individual rights.

The thread is already weakened. And time is running out...
Wednesday, Nov. 18, 2015
Translated from Greek by Fr. Emmanuel Hatzidakis

Mr. Andreas Andrianopoulos is a former Minister in several Greek governments, a nine-term member of the Greek Parliament, and Mayor of Piraeus. He studied political science in Athens, and later in Kent, Cambridge and Oxford in the UK. He has lectured at several schools in the US and the UK (Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, Wisconsin at Madison, George Washington, LSE) and was a visiting scholar at St. Edmund’s College, Cambridge, England. He is former public policy scholar, Global Europe Program, of Kennan Institute. He was a Fellow and Public Policy Scholar of the Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington D.C., and currently he is Director of the Institute of Diplomacy and Global Affairs, School of Graduate and Professional Education of the American College of Greece. He also teaches about effective communication campaigns and risk analysis at the University of Kaliningrad in the Russian Federation. He is the author of many books, including In the Heart of Islam (Minerva Press, 2002) and his latest The Wrath of Islam and the Fanatics of Jihad (Epikentro, 2015) (in Greek).

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