We post this article hoping and praying that the Holy Spirit will open Patriarch Bartholomew’s eyes and transform him into a zealous missionary of the true Church, the Orthodox Church, the Body of Christ, and that the “elite” crowd with whom the Patriarch associates will cast him out of their company for being a faithful witness of Christ.

Protopresbyter John Diotis is a priest of the Church of Greece and a Theologian, Journalist, Author and Publisher. He is especially known for his book on the famous Patristic Publication of J. P. Migne, and his addition to Post-Byzantine Fathers, extending it to contemporary Fathers.

Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, with unprecedented hostility, attacked the Russian Orthodox Church, which accounts for nearly half of world Orthodoxy. Such behavior of the Patriarch is inconsistent. Behold some related revelations of the patriarchal heart, as published in the “Kivotos of Orthodoxy” (2-2-2023) :

“The Russian Church (which does not have a healthy ecclesiastical conscience) has deepened the gap between Ukrainians and Russians, not the Ukrainian autocephaly."

The Patriarch is the one who lacks an orthodox ecclesiastical conscience; he is the one who aggravated the ecclesiastical schism of Ukraine with his uncanonical invasion into the foreign ecclesiastical jurisdiction of the Moscow Patriarchate in order to grant pseudo-autocephaly to the pseudo-church established by him in Kiev, functioning personally under him, consisting of schismatics, self-consecrated, self-ordained, non-ordained and anathematized, with the pseudo-primate, the pseudo-bishop Epiphany. And he tried to deceive all the leaders and all the Orthodox people when he claimed that he had restored ecclesiologically all those in question who were canonically punished by the Patriarchate of Moscow. As a Journalist, I requested that the Patriarch publicize the restorative process of those who were disciplined ecclesiastically, but he has remained silent, so that more of his complete ecclesiological nakedness will not be seen. Once more, we challenge the Patriarch to do publish the restorative process, as he is obliged. Orthodox Christians around the world demand this.

I will insist on this topic, because it is central and crucial. The Ukrainian issue and the creation of schisms that followed continue to shake the unity the entire Orthodox Church. The only person responsible for this sad ecclesiastical condition is Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew.

Dear readers, pay attention!!! The Patriarch expressly contradicts himself.

Synaxis of the First Hierarchs of the Holy Orthodox Autocephalous churches. This book is available for purchase here, here, or here.

The Patriarch himself convened an assembly of all the First Hierarchs of the autocephalous Orthodox Churches in Chambesy, Geneva (Jan. 21-27, 2016) and the minutes and all the relevant texts of this official assembly were published by Apostoliki Diakonia of the Church of Greece, in a quality 542 page book entitled, "ASSEMBLY OF THE FIRST HIERARCHS OF THE HOLY ORTHODOX AUTOCHEPHALOUS CHURCHES" (Oct. 1, 2021 ed.).

Just listen to this! In the many dialogues and extensive discussions during the 7-day assembly, Patriarch Bartholomew directly, expressly, and clearly stated, among other things, the following:

[Note: Some of these quotations by the author were not exact quotations. We removed the quotation marks, but have included our own photos of the original Greek text which the author quoted. -Translator]

1) The unity of the Church must be expressed outwardly, not only with words, but also with deeds.

- Patriarch Bartholomew, p. 62.

[Note: This second quote was misattributed. It is actually a quote by Patriarch Kirill of Moscow]

2) I officially confirm that the most holy Church of Constantinople has no intention of taking any kind of action related to the ecclesiastical life in Ukraine, especially to the legalization of the schism and the granting of the autocephaly.

- Patriarch Kirill of Moscow, p. 150.

3) All of us here present recognize Metropolitan Onuphry as the only canonical Metropolitan of Kiev.

- Patriarch Bartholomew, p. 71.

4) I repeat, before this holy assembly, that when the hierarchs of the Ecumenical Patriarchate go to Ukraine, they will first visit the Metropolitan of Kiev, the Most Reverend Onuphry. This is the proper order.

- Patriarch Bartholomew, p. 151.

5) Philaret is a schismatic. I have given clear instructions to the clergy of the Ukrainian diaspora who are under the Ecumenical Patriarchate to abstain from all sacramental communion or common worship with the schismatics of Kiev.

- Patriarch Bartholomew, pp. 77-78.

6) We consider the fraternal relations of the Churches of Constantinople and Moscow to be a valuable asset.

- Patriarch Bartholomew, p. 78.

7) The canonical rights of the Most Holy Church of Russia in Ukraine is not to be questioned.

- Patriarch Bartholomew, p. 77.

8) The Most Holy Church of Constantinople in no way interferes in the internal affairs of Autocephalous Churches, always acting upon the initiative request of the Church concerned.

- Patriarch Bartholomew, p. 77.

9) The Ecumenical Patriarch undertakes the settlement of issues through the special procedures provided by canonical order.

- Patriarch Bartholomew, p. 77.

10) I propose that we decide, together with the sister Church of Russia, to work towards the healing of the ecclesiastical schism in Ukraine.

- Patriarch Bartholomew, p. 155.

All the participants in the aforementioned Assembly, along with Patriarch Bartholomew, accept and confess that the Orthodox Church in Ukraine is under the ecclesiastical jurisdiction of the Patriarchate of Moscow.

Horror!!! Patriarch Bartholomew overturned all of the above statements, which he declared at the assembly of First Hierarchs, by arbitrarily granting pseudo-autocephaly so that this pseudo-church in Kiev would come under his jurisdiction, and in doing so, he committed the gravest of canonical offenses, that of entering a foreign ecclesiastical jurisdiction, without a request for autocephaly by the canonical Church under Metropolitan Onuphry. He is also guilty of another specific canonical offense, that of installing a second Bishop (pseudo-bishop Epiphany) in a territory already having a bishop, an action absolutely forbidden by the holy Canons.

In addition to making defamatory against the Church in Russia, here are some of the other libelous statements from the heart of Patriarch Bartholomew:

“Moscow is trying to overthrow church order.” (source: vimaorthodoxias)

“The Church of Russia creates tensions in Orthodox relations.” (source: orthodoxiainfo)

“The Church of Russia has papal claims.” (source: drt915)

“Moscow does not recognize the right of the Ukrainians to have an autocephalous Church because it wants to oppress them; it wants to turn Orthodoxy into a confederation of Churches in order to be in charge of all of them.” (source: ekirikas)

“Moscow has an overtly arrogant and hegemonic mentality.” (source: ekirikas)

“The Church of Russia relentlessly pursues matricide [Constantinople being the mother (Church)].” (source:

“The Church of Russia should apologize for all the suffering it has caused to Orthodoxy.” (source: NewsBomb)

This Patriarchal tirade is intolerable, and comes in terrifying contrast and contradiction with what Patriarch Bartholomew had declared at the assembly of First Hierarchs. In no way was he challenged. He lifted unjust hands. He cooperated with Masonic-controlled America to war against Orthodox Russia.1

After his frightful self-denial and his painful self-ridicule, Patriarch Bartholomew should not be permitted to circulate and be honored as the face of Orthodoxy.

  1. The author states his view, without providing evidence, that Satanic Freemasons are behind the war on Orthodox Russia.

Comment by Medical Doctor Lykourgos Nanis:

Bravo to Elder Fr. John for this very apt critique of the unethical declarations of the "Pope of the East" and architect of the ecclesiastical anarchy in Ukraine, Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople, who constantly torpedoes Orthodox unity because of apostate and abnormal Phanariot hegemony.

Translated by Anthony Hatzidakis

  • This original article in Greek was published on Orthodoxos Typos on Sept. 1, 2023
  • When Pope Francis visited Athens in 2021, the Moscow Patricharate posted an article by the author, “Patriarch Bartholomew covers up the truth” (April 23, 2021) on its official website (March 11, 2021). We revised the English translation and posted it here. The Moscow Patriarchate also posted it in Russian
  • More articles by Fr. John Diotis (in Greek) are online here.

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