We don’t have a dead leader of our faith,
but one who is alive and more than that is Life itself.

Christ gives us life; life abundant; everlasting life.

Death is abolished.
How come the world does not celebrate this most joyous event in human history?

Why isn’t the modern media of communication announcing this event to the world continuously?
Why do they keep silence?

If medical scientists discover the cure of cancer will they keep it a secret?
What if they find a cure of heart disease, diabetes, Alzeimer’s, tuberculosis?
Would they keep it hidden from the people?
What if our life span is extended, and we get to reach the age of Methuselah (Gen. 5)?
How does that compare with a life that has no end?
Not only that, but a life without sickness, ailments, sorrow, or displeasure, but only joy, happiness?
A dream, right?
Something you can only dream about, because it’s a utopia?

Those who have the Faith know it’s a reality
— more real than what we call reality.
A reality for which we are ready to give our life.
Because giving our life, “losing our life”, as our Lord has put it, gains it, acquires it, obtains it (Mt 10:39; Lk. 17:33).

It is ours to have.
The Lord obtained it for us, not for Himself.
He is the Life and the Resurrection.
Those who are united with Him are raised from the dead and live with Him;
they live His Life.

Is there a “catch”? There must be a “catch”, right?
You can call it that. So what?
Who would not exchange even his very life for the eternal life He promises us?
But the Lord is not asking us to give up our life.
Why would He do that, since He is the One who brought us into life in the first place?
To the contrary: He wants us to live it to its fullest!

When do we do this?
When we imitate the Lord, our Life-giver.
When we acquire His virtues,
when we live His life,
when we unite with Him fully.

The ultimate blasphemy, deception, missing of the mark, is to place the human being as the measure of all things.
In our relativistic age we are led to believe that there are no absolutes.
It is out of the amalgam of the faiths of the world that one thing emerges,
one thing, and one thing only,
which makes the Church (and notice well, we don’t say Christianity, but the Church, the True Church) stand apart:
Jesus Christ, Crucified and Resurrected.
If the bones of Christ could be unearthed, everything would collapse,
because the Resurrection of Christ is the foundation of our religious experience and of life itself.
Our arch-enemy, the devil, is conquered, and the penalty of sin, death, is vanquished by the victorious Christ.

My brothers and sisters: Experience “the power of His Resurrection”! (Phil. 3:10)

From one of Fr. Emmanuel’s documents, dated 2017. Edited A.H. 2024

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