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Saint Gregory Palamas

Saint Gregory Palamas

St. Gregory, Archbishop of Thessalonica, (1296-1359) was born in Constantinople, in a noble family of imperial court dignitaries, who had come from Asia Minor. From childhood he was reared in the royal court of Constantinople. At the age of 20 he decided to become a monk in Mt. Athos and persuaded all the members of his family to follow his example (mother, two brothers and two sisters). At the canonical age of 30 he was ordained, unwillingly, priest. He spent most of his life living an ascetic life in a hermitage in Mt. Athos or in Thessalonica, living in total seclusion and “quietude” (esychia), except for weekends, to share the Eucharist and some fellowship with his brothers. ... The Saint’s teachings, summarized, are: l) Knowledge of God is not obtained through study, but through a participation of the entire human being in the divine life. 2) God is totally inaccessible in His essence, but He is approachable through His divine energies (power, love, wisdom, grace, etc.), which are uncreated and are His divine life communicated to His creatures. [Source: Fr. EH]

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