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Saint Nikolai Velimirović

“The erudition of Bishop Nikolai Velimirovich (1880-1956), one of the most prolific writers in the history of the Serbian Orthodox Church, impresses anyone familiar with his writings. Besides receiving the highest education available to a priest in Serbia before the First World War, he went on to earn doctorates throughout his life from universities all over the world – including those of Berne in Switzerland, Oxford in Britain, and Columbia in America. Yet for all his scholarly learning, Bishop Nikolai never lost touch with the childlike simplicity of his Serbian soul; and it is this that makes his works so preciously unique. They reach into the heart, mind, and soul of every human being who thirsts for God and hungers for what matters in the eyes of eternity. Steeped in Christlike love and humility, but tempered by the tempestuous trials and tribulations endured by the Serbian people over the centuries, the colossal spiritual figure of Bishop Nikolai has dominated the realm of Serbian Orthodox Spirituality in the twentieth century. As one of his fervent disciples, the great theologian and dogmatician Archimandrite Justin Popovich, so succinctly wrote: ‘What did Bishop Nikolai give us, and what does it mean? ... He was an Apostle, an Evangelist, an Enlightener, and the greatest Teacher of the Serbian people since St. Sava. He was also a martyr. Bishop Nikolai revived our monasticism. All our monks and nuns of today are the spiritual children of the Saintly Bishop Nikolai and Saint Sava.’”
[Source: Back cover of The Faith of Chosen People, Grayslake, 1999.]

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The Prologue from Ohrid: Lives of Saints by St Nikolai Velimirovich, Bishop of Zica, Serbia (+1956)

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