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Saint Nephon

St. Nephon, Patriarch of Constantinople (4th c.), was the son of а wealthy government official. He was “sent from Alexandria to Constantinople to further his studies. Having succumbed to the temptations of the great metropolis, he then pleased God with а life of deep repentance, ascetic struggles, watchfulness, and prayer. His fiery repentance cleansed his heart and he became а vessel of the Holy Spirit. He was then ordained bishop of the Church of Constantiana in Cyprus, where he distinguished himself as а shepherd of souls. His life was generally unknown as it was only recorded in ancient Byzantine manuscripts treasured in the monasteries of the Holy Mountain Athos. This book presents the life and timeless wisdom of Saint Nephon which are especially relevant to the youth of our times.” [Source]

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Stories, Sermons, and Prayers of Saint Nephon: An Ascetic Bishop

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