The man who forgot he is a bishop!

July 29, 2022

The man who forgot he is a bishop!

Archimandrite Daniel Aerakis
Archimandrite Daniel Aerakis
Archimandrite Daniel Aerakis

He is called Elpidophoros [meaning “The one who brings hope”]. In him, every hope of a Christian presence is lost. His secular title is, “Archbishop of America”. He was chosen by the Patriarchate of Constantinople to succeed the modest and dignified, the wise and respected Father [His Eminence] Dimitrios (Trakatellis).

We do not know how he is received or tolerated by the Greek diaspora in America. All we know is from the evidence of his presence in Greece. He probably visited Athens for the first time. Certainly, not in order to pay his respects to the Archbishop Ieronymos of Athens (later on he visited him), but to impose his …… convictions in an Orthodox temple. Specifically:

On July 9, a “gay” couple wanted to baptize their... two children!........... When the babies grow up, they will cast lots, which of the two... they would call “mommy” and which “daddy”!

The two “Croesi” of wealth1 wanted to “adorn” an event, unprecedented in the history of the Church, with a religious mantle, and indeed an Orthodox one. And they found a man to satisfy their desire, that is, one who would accept to baptize their babies... And this man was Archbishop Elpidophoros of America.

The Church does not baptize children that are “legitimately” accepted by same-sex couples. In the first centuries, baptism was the gift for mature persons, who were attracted to the faith of Christ, accepted to be catechized at least for two years, and were consciously led towards “enlightenment”, that is baptism.

The so-called infant baptism was certainly accepted in the centuries that followed, but under three conditions: First, between the parents and the Church, there is a Minister [priest or bishop] whose sacred duty is to perform the baptism. His responsibility is great, to properly instruct the newly enlightened infant. Secondly, between the parents and the newly enlightened, is the so-called “God-parent” who has an important place. Christian parents don't select a God-parent lightly; they entrust the baptized infant to a faithful and serious person, capable of catechizing the child with his knowledge. Thirdly, between the newly enlightened infant and the Church stand the pious parents.

What did Mr. Elpidophoros confirm out of all this? He agreed to baptize two babies, a boy and a girl. Naturally, the two babies are not to be blamed for anything. The one who is entirely to blame is Mr. Elpidophoros. He baptized two babies in a sanctuary of the Holy Metropolis of Glyfada, in the midst of a lavish, indecent appearance of everyone, filled with laughter.

To which mom and which dad did he hand them over after being baptized? To a “gay” couple! What can the two homosexuals do with these children? Teach them our faith? Or introduce them to the new “faith”, in the confederation of LGBTQI? And what information did Mr. Elpidophoros write on the relevant baptism certificate? Who did he put in the mother's place?

And to which God-parent did Mr. Elpidophoros entrust the Christian catechism and education? It was noted that there were eight “Godfathers” and “Godmothers”, especially two super-rich ladies, scions of great shipowners! Will they, Mr. Elpidophoros, catechize the two children?

Are you playing games, Mr. Elpidophoros, with the mysteries of our faith? We have the impression that you turned out to be worse than avowed atheists. At least they do not go to church, nor do they perform church weddings, nor do they baptize their children. They signed a cohabitation agreement, and that's because some law provides for it.

You have surpassed them. You want to “bless” with Orthodox services satanic coexistences! What will you say to your flock? Become parents of children, when you in the church of Vouliagmeni blessed homosexuals who naturally cannot have children?

And why, Mr. Elpidophoros, did you deceive the local bishop, the Metropolitan of Glyfada Anthony? You asked for a standard permission for baptism (indefinitely) and you lured the priest of the church to participate in your blasphemous activity, to gather the crème de la crème of the “gays” in an Orthodox temple! Shall we say “shame”? It is not enough.

And how could you, a servant (supposedly) of the poor Nazarene, go after the “baptism” to the popular hotel, with 1000 guests, in an unprecedented luxury, with nakedness and immodesty, with your favorite singer? The news came out that the “party”, with your A-list appearance, cost 450,000 euro! This is how you bless this horrible waste!

Your Holiness Patriarch of Constantinople, Mr. Elpidophoros forgot that he is a bishop of the Church!

This was an excerpt from an article by Fr. Daniel Aerakis. Source: Aktines. (in Greek) Translated by Fr. E.H.
  1. Croesus was king of Lydia, renowned for his wealth
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