How to be saved

August 18, 2022

How to be saved

Translated by A.H.

A Christian once wanted to ask the king how to be saved. And the king, because he was also a Christian, told him:

– If you want to be saved, you must do this: At the beginning of the day, fill a container with oil and go down to the city. And I will station beside you two soldiers with swords. If you let a drop of oil out, they will cut off your head! If you do not let a drop of oil out, and go around inside the city and return without letting any pour out, then you are saved!

The day came and he took the container with oil – it was full of oil to the top – and started go down to the city, but he was very careful, so much so that not a single drop of oil dripped out!

When he returned to the palace, the king said to him:

– What did you see in the city?

– I didn’t see anything!

– Why not?

– Because I was careful not to spill the oil...

– That’s what you have to do to be saved! To see the oil of salvation of your soul that you are holding, and not to see whatever others are doing. Let each one see this as their salvation, to see how they will be saved and not to see what others are doing. A good Christian sees himself, he does not see others...

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