Elder Evmenios calms a tiger at the London Zoo

Elder Evmenios calms a tiger at the London Zoo

by Monk Simon

When Elder Evmenios Saridakis and a group of his spiritual children visited the London Zoo, the Elder found himself in front of a very furious Indian tiger.

She was jumping up and down, behind the barbed wire, roaring and everyone was standing at a great distance.

Father Evmenios approached her and began to talk to her:

“Tiger, tiger, my tiger, calm down, my tiger,” and he was crossing her with his hand.

Then the tiger put both paws in front of her and bowed her head three times as if repenting. And she calmed down.

The people watching from afar were shouting: “Father, Father, excellent!”

From the book of the Monk Simon, “Father Evmenios, the Good Shepherd and Miracle Worker”.

Source (in Greek): http://trelogiannis.blogspot.com/2021/01/blog-post_751.html

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