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Saint John of San Francisco

Saint John of San Francisco

“Saint John (Maximovitch) (1896-1966) is believed by Orthodox Christians all over the world to be the holiest man of the 20th century. Manifesting many contrasting forms of sanctity, he was at once a God-inspired theologian and a “Fool-for-Christ,” a zealous missionary hierarch and a feeder of the poor, a severe ascetic and a loving father to orphans. Like Moses, he delivered his flock from oppression, bringing it from Communist China to the free world; like the first apostles, he was given power from God to heal wounded souls and ailing bodies. A man of intense and ceaseless prayer, he was a genuine Holy Elder in the tradition of the great Russian startsi. Piercing the veil of time and space, he would mystically hear and answer people‘s thoughts before they would express them. Now in heaven, he continues to visit and pray for those who call upon him, as is attested by miracles and healings which are now being chronicled around the world.” [Source: back cover of Man of God

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Blessed John the Wonderworker

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