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Saint Abba Dorotheos

“The Holy Abba Dorotheus (+565) was a disciple of Saint John the Prophet in the Palestinian monastery of Abba Seridus in the sixth century. ... In his writings the personal experience of Abba Dorotheus is felt everywhere. His disciple, Saint Dositheus (February 19), says of him, “Towards the brethren laboring with him he responded with modesty, with humility, and was gracious without arrogance or audacity. He was good-natured and direct, he would engage in a dispute, but always preserved the principle of respect, of good will, and that which is sweeter than honey, oneness of soul, the mother of all virtues. ... The Discourses of Abba Dorotheus are preliminary books for entering upon the path of spiritual action. The simple advice, how to proceed in this or that instance, together with a most subtle analysis of thoughts and stirrings of soul provide guidance for anyone who resolves to read the works of Abba Dorotheus. Monks who begin to read this book, will never part from it throughout their life.” [Source]

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Abba Dorotheos: Practical Teachings on the Christian Life. Translated by Constantine Scouteris.


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