Glorify Him!
An Orthodox Christian Christmas Hymnal

by Anthony Hatzidakis and Fr. Emmanuel Hatzidakis

About Glorify Him!

In the early 1990’s, Fr. Emmanuel Hatzidakis worked quietly at translating many Greek Christmas folk carols and Orthodox ecclesiastical hymns into English and fitting them to their original melodies. His work became known and loved from being introduced into annual parish Christmas pageants, pan-Orthodox Christmas concerts and parish services. Now, almost 30 years later, his music has been collected, given introductions and offered in this edition as a resource for choir directors, priests and youth leaders. The catchy melodies are likely to become as memorable as the familiar Western Christmas carols, while the lyrics are reminders of the cosmic significance of our Lord Jesus Christ’s miraculous birth.

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Book details

  • 102 pages
  • 8.5" x 11"
  • perfect bound
  • full-color illustrations


Folk Songs

  • 1. The Greek Christmas Kalanda
  • 2. The New Year's Kalanda
  • 3. Teroure Reroure
  • 4. Christmas in the Village
  • 5. Christ is Born
  • 6. Today is Born
  • 7. The Three Magi
  • 8. On This Day

Ecclesiastical Hymns

  • 9. The Festal Christmas Ode
  • 10. O Isaiah, Dance with Joy
  • 11. Rejoice, O Heaven
  • 12. God is With Us
  • 13. O Virgin Pure
  • 14. 'Tis Incomprehensible
  • 15. O Rejoice, Theotokos
  • 16. Mary, Why Are You Amazed?
  • 17. Bethlehem Prepare
  • 18. The One Whom the Universe
  • 19. From on High
  • 20. Troparion of the Nativity of Christ
  • 21. Kontakion of Advent
  • 22. Kontakion of Christmas
  • 23. Canon of the Three Holy Youths
  • 24. Holy! Holy! Holy!
  • 25. Katavasiae of Christmas
  • 26. The Infinite Wisdom of God
  • 27. You are Honored More
  • 28. Hymn of the Three Holy Youths
  • 29. Disguised, O Savior
  • 30. O House of Ephratha
  • 31. What Gift Shall We Offer You, O Christ?
  • 32. Great Doxology

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Also available from Orthodox Witness

3 Christmas Plays

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is a Christmas play that transports us to a time in the early fifties, when the customs and traditions of the immigrants were very much alive. We get to spend Christmas Eve with the Petrides family, a Greek American family of first and second generation, who are first of all Orthodox Christians.

Daniel and the Three Holy Youths

This play serves to prepare us for the Feast of our Lord’s Nativity. It is based on the story of Daniel and the Three Youths, found in the book of Daniel.

Prophecies Announcing Christ

An engaging play of original dialogue and hymns, Prophecies Announcing Christ highlights four major Old Testament prophecies which foretell the coming Messiah—our Lord Jesus Christ.

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