“Pope of the East” throws napalm bomb on world Orthodoxy

The following post is a commentary on the recent decision of the patriarchal synod of Constantinople to grant autocephaly to the Ukrainian Church. By Lykourgos Nanis, physician.

The patriarchal synod convened in Constantinople recently, obviously bowing to the command from the aptly dubbed “Pope of the East”, Patriarch Bartholomew, took the disastrous, definitive step to proceed with granting autocephaly to the schismatic “Church” of Ukraine, at the same time “restoring” the schismatic bishops Philaret and Makary. By pulling the strings at the extinguished Fener1, the transatlantic global hawks have made it much easier to accomplish their latest geopolitical and geostrategic plans...

The decision “legitimizes” canon violations and lawlessness, and by conducting an ecclesiological and ecclesiastical coup d'etat, widens even more the already existing rift with the Russian Church, with the likelihood that an intra-orthodox schism is imminent and, in a short time, will become pan-Orthodox. [by now an accomplished fact. Tr.]

The Fanariots, who have the “first and foremost” “presiding hierarch” among them, assume that ecumenical Orthodoxy is their feud and conquest, and behave and act in like manner, as if they do not even give consideration to the safety of the spiritual and sacred canons, in their quest to implement their distorted plans to fulfill their hegemonic ambitions.

After years of reveling in contempt for the sacred canons that regulate the relations of the Orthodox Church with heretics and heathens, violating and trampling on a host of them, the important men in charge of ecclesiastical affairs in Bosporus have, with one stroke, without any substantive ecclesiastical reason and cause, made a foolish and unwise action that will lead to an intra-Orthodox schism, and “legitimizes” their papally inspired and implemented hegemony.

Despite receiving agonizing pleas and early warnings from local Churches, bishops, scholars of theology, respected people who love Orthodoxy, who toil to preserve pan-orthodox unity, recalcitrant Mr. Bartholomew, all the while aware of the consequences of his decisions, proceeded with the act of attacking, dividing and murdering the much talked about “pan-Orthodox unity” promoted at the pseudo-synod of Crete!

The extinguished Fener is now the sole instigator, fabricator, preserver, and promoter of dysfunction and disorder in contemporary ecclesiastical life.

Illustration by TH.

Though the decision of the Fanariot synod is incendiary, a napalm bomb dropped on Ukraine as well as on ecumenical Orthodoxy, the Synod communiqué appeals “to all sides involved that they avoid appropriation of Churches, Monasteries and other properties, as well as every other act of violence and retaliation, so that the peace and love of Christ may prevail”! Behold the moral contradiction among the Fanariots! But wasn’t it you who lit the fire that is now a blaze? And now you expect peace to prevail? Peace without its precondition, i.e. adhering to the established order?

How long will world Orthodoxy become darkened and razed by the Patriarchate of Constantinople under its current leadership? When will it finally convene a REAL intra-Orthodox Synod that will finally put an end to this kind of papal-governing mentality that they are ensnared in?

Lykourgos Nanis is a physician and Orthodox (non-ecumenist) theologian.

Original article (in Greek). Translated by Fr. E.H. and T.H.

  1. Fener is the name of the district in Istanbul, Turkey, where the patriarchate is located. Fener, in Greek φανάρι (fanari), means lantern.

5 thoughts on ““Pope of the East” throws napalm bomb on world Orthodoxy”

  1. By the actions of Constantinople many millions of Orthodox people are brought into a canonical situation and reunited with other Orthodox faithful but your short-sightedness would keep people apart. I applaud the patriarch for his long-sightedness in restoring the relationship of Ukrainian Orthodox clergy and faithful with the rest of the Church. Those opposed to this move should be ashamed.

  2. Dear Fr Emmanuel:

    It is a service to all of us to have substantive articles translated into English. Thank you so much for doing so! Your book The Heavenly Banquet has helped me approach the Divine Liturgy appropriately and I am most grateful.

    I pray that you will consider translating articles which “speak the truth in love” rather in passionate, polemical prose, which is only done well by the Saints. Current experts seasoned in the Fathers and in control of their passions like Met. Hierotheos of Vlachos or the monks of Mt. Athos or the Patriarch of Antioch comment wisely but with sorrow rather than anger and shock, more in control of their passions, and able to convey that the person(s) in error are being deluded by the evil one and need our prayer rather than anger. It would be invaluable to have such non-Russian sources available in English to counteract the misconception that the position of the ROC is uncanonical and to demonstrate HOW we are to disagree and work toward union properly.

    Of course canonicity is clearly on the side of the ROC and hearing from non-Russian laypersons and clergy hierarch in a measured incisive fashion will help those of us converts and inquirers in the United States who are ignorant about the traditions and canons of Orthodoxy and are evaluating the manner in which a person writes as much as the content. The Monks of Mt Athos wrote a beautiful letter to the Ecumenical Patriarch about Balamand in 1993. May that be a standard for how we oppose anyone or any action which is unOrthodox.

    Thank you in Christ for considering my request.


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