Orthodox Christian Christmas plays

Three Orthodox Christian Christmas plays

Glorify Him!

Glorify Him!

Glorify Him! is a music book resource especially for choir directors, priests and youth leaders. Includes 32 Orthodox songs and hymns for Christmas.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is a Christmas play that transports us to a time in the early fifties, when the customs and traditions of the immigrants were very much alive. We get to spend Christmas Eve with the Petrides family, a Greek American family of first and second generation, who are first of all Orthodox Christians.

Daniel and the Three Holy Youths

This play serves to prepare us for the Feast of our Lord’s Nativity. It is based on the story of Daniel and the Three Youths, found in the book of Daniel.

Prophecies Announcing Christ

An engaging play of original dialogue and hymns, Prophecies Announcing Christ highlights four major Old Testament prophecies which foretell the coming Messiah—our Lord Jesus Christ.

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