Glorify Him! music

Folk Songs

1. The Greek Christmas Kalanda

2. The New Year’s Kalanda

3. Teroure Reroure

4. Christmas in the Village

5. Christ is Born

6. Today is Born

7. The Three Magi

8. On This Day

Ecclesiastical Hymns

9. The Festal Christmas Ode

10. O Isaiah, Dance with Joy

11. Rejoice, O Heaven

12. God is With Us

13. O Virgin Pure

14. ’Tis Incomprehensible

15. O Rejoice, Theotokos

16. Mary, Why Are You Amazed?

17. Bethlehem Prepare

18. The One Whom the Universe

19. From on High

20. Troparion of the Nativity

21. Kontakion of Advent

22. Kontakion of Christmas

23. Canon of the Three Holy Youths

24. Holy! Holy! Holy!

25. Katavasiae of Christmas

26. The Infinite Wisdom of God

27. You are Honored More

28. Hymn of the Three Holy Youths

29. Disguised, O Savior

30. O House of Ephratha

31. “What shall we offer You, O Christ”

32. Great Doxology

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