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Prophecies Announcing Christ

An engaging play of original dialogue and hymns, Prophecies Announcing Christ highlights four major Old Testament prophecies which foretell the coming Messiah—our Lord Jesus Christ.

Daniel and the Three Holy Youths

This play serves to prepare us for the Feast of our Lord’s Nativity. It is based on the story of Daniel and the Three Youths, found in the book of Daniel.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is a Christmas play that transports us to a time in the early fifties, when the customs and traditions of the immigrants were very much alive. We get to spend Christmas Eve with the Petrides family, a Greek American family of first and second generation, who are first of all Orthodox Christians.

Why a Crucified Messiah?

Fr. Thomas Hopko delivered two talks at the 2007 Orthodox Witness seminar. Download this, the first of his two talks, “Why a Crucified Messiah?” for free.

The Garden of the Holy Spirit – Audio book

“Born in Livísi, a picturesque village in Asia Minor, the Tsalikis family was forcibly uprooted from their ancestral homeland. Leaving the life they knew behind, they took with them what was their true life — their Faith.”

Examine your conscience

Examine Your Conscience

Because it is not always clear to us when we fall into sin, we offer a comprehensive way to examine our conscience.

Examine your faith

Examine Your Faith

Are you on the right path? Examine what your believe by considering the questions in this downloadable exam.

Evaluate your church

Evaluate your church

Is your church in good health? Does it need resuscitation? Find out. Download this scorecard (PDF), fill it out and share it with your priest.

Quotation Graphics, Volume I

150 Quotation-graphics from the Saints, scanned from classic orthodox books and illustrated/designed. For study and reflection.

Glorify Him!

Glorify Him!

Glorify Him! is a music book resource especially for choir directors, priests and youth leaders. Includes 32 Orthodox songs and hymns for Christmas.

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