Bishop Longinus: Orthodox hierarchs are betraying the Faith

Before his elevation to the episcopacy, Bishop Longinus was "Fr. Michael" at the monastery and orphanage he founded in southeastern Ukraine. This post contains excerpts from a sermon (translated) delivered by Bishop Longinus on the feast day of the Protection of the Theotokos in October, 2016.

“The Orthodox people are being deceived by patriarchs, bishops, priests, who want to show a different way to eternal life, not the way that the Lord has shown to us. What do you think, brothers and sisters, that the Holy Fathers of our Church could get together with the Catholics, Protestants, Baptists, and Jehovah’s Witnesses, and say: “We are in Christ, brothers and sisters”?! NO! The Lord separated heresy from truth. And they [i.e. the heretics] are the enemies of God, the enemies of our Orthodox Church, the enemies of the Mother of God.  I have nothing against a man [i.e. personally against a heretic], but, against heretical teachings. We must not allow this rebellion in our Church, for in our Orthodox Faith these things are blasphemy.”

Bishop Longinus

+ + +

“Brothers and sisters, we ask all of you to stand in the Truth, and the Right Way! The holy fathers said that such a time as this will come, and they will betray you, and will make this Synod [i.e. the Cretan Synod], the Pseudo-Synod, the Synod of the devil, the Antichrist, and they will betray the Truth of God, and persecute you.”

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“Thank God that we did not go to this Synod, but on February 2-3 there was the document of this Synod ... We should pick up and throw away this document, which is of the Antichrist, the devil, but no one listened, and everyone said, “sit down; it’s all been voted on; it’s okay”!”

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“And for that, I ask you all with all my heart, I beg you: take care of the Orthodox Faith! Protect the Truth of God! There will not be many of us, but the Lord will not leave us!”

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“Do not be dismayed. Do not be afraid, brothers and sisters! It may be that the last days have already come.”

+ + +

“Everyone says they are with God, and unite for the sake of love, in spite of the fact of what they believe ... Then, somehow, do all religions on earth lead to the one God?!  We are not told this in the Fathers; this is not written anywhere”

+ + +

“The Lord left us One Church, and said, “the Gates of Hades shall not prevail” against the Church. The Lord Jesus said, “I will build My Church,” and that “I am the Head of this Church,” not the Pope, not the Patriarch, nor me, a sinner.”

The entire sermon can be read here:

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